Any young No Fap members?

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I feel its more relatable and we can improve ourselves by the mistakes that have been made. Every mistakes means we get stronger and do better. As young men we need advice from other young men to. NoFap daily living etc… Because our hormone at 20’s is still active and for me i have so much energy…if there is anybody in 20’s that can be a companion that would be great. :muscle: remember this is the beginning of success.

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I’m not in my 20’s yet, but I’m close. I’d be glad to have you as a companion


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I want a partner, I am trying to stop because it’s wrong. I’m only 17 but I want to change. Can any of you help?


Im also 17 add my sharing code: 956327

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Lets get the work done Radio! And as always, whenever I add companion I say. Don’t think of the benefits first but think of changing mindset first because later benefits come.

I can relate to social anxiety part. I plan to do a social experiment once I get recovered from this nasty addiction. I will add you bro. We shall conquer this mountain.


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I am in deep shit right now so I can’t afford any more relapse. Let’s do this together.

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