Any Website blocker Apps with uninstall prevention....?

Can anyone plz recommend some website blocker app with uninstall prevention, I’m asking for website blocker like twitter, quora, reddit, etc. as I already have Bulldog Blocker which is good but I want to get rid of these adult profiles of twitter and quora,… Plz help

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Have you tried the second option in bulldog blocker? If that is the case, maybe you can edit the hosts file on android if your phone is rooted

Which option are u talking about buddy? I tried searching in it but I couldn’t find it and my phone is not rooted, any alternate option or any app with uninstall prevention???

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There is an app called Eset Parental control.

After installing set up as Child account, get familiar with the settings, and when you know it all set a difficult password and send it to your friend/companion. Delete the password from your side. There will be another way of accessing the app through the 4 digit pin which you need to click with your eyes closed. After that you’ve blocked both access you’ll be left only one way to remove the that is by resetting, which is highly unlikely. This is the most foolproof app I’ve found.

I’ll definitely check it out

I tried the app it’s good, but I can still acces it through my email and can still use instagram, isn’t there any app with 2 or more hours cooldown just like Bulldog Blocker for websites??

Good question I forgot to mention one more layer. Replace your email ID with this email Then clear cookies and cache. You won’t be able to access it via email. Or if you trust any friend you can replace the email with his. Moreover, you’ll get options in the settings to manually add websites that you want to block such as,, etc. I’ve personally blocked Insta, Reddit & Facebook.

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Any body knows something about
How to put password on anyour browser on PC

Use eset Internet security for PC. you’ll get an option pf parental control. Set up an extremely difficult password there and share it with your friend. You won’t be able to access adult sites.

I meant in the filter configuration. There are two options. One that only block websites and the other filthers everything that is not family friendly.

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I am a loyal user of Stay Focused by Innoxapps. Works for blocking apps and websites. Blocks by time of usage, period of day, blocks for every set time period. For websites, you can also block by sites, keywords. Or block the whole phone in overall.

Is it free or gonna have to give money?

Is it for pc?
Please let me know

Depends on what you want. Premium is like around 4USD for life? You only need premium if you block more than 5 apps, and more than 5 websites, or 5 keywords, counted separately.

If you know free one of this type please inform
Because in order to not get back to that habit I have put laptop into lockup

Stay focused mod, can help you. I have diabled chrome and then i just blocked chrome for 4 months.

Download spin web browser too. It is helpful.

Spin browser works on pc ??

It should work. Go to their website

I am using spin browser :sweat_smile: on android from a long time .
But since that safe search lock facility by chrome was disabled , from then I am struggling what to do.
As a final solution I kept that laptop into the locker