Any suggestions to overcome this

Iam actually losing weight from last week!
Iam having less apetite for food and hence eating less than required and losing weight! Iam also disinterested in everything! My studies are going terrible! Iam on day 9 of no fap and experiencing chaser and flatline effect
Any suggestions ?

Ok firstly to be clear - None of the mentioned problems are a result of nofap

Secondly - If you arent feeling hungry, try increasing your daily activity. Go for a walk or run or gym.

Losing weight day by day is not a good sign. I suggest go see a doctor. LOSS OF WEIGHT is no joke. So go see a doctor


Agreed about that @The_wild_perception
Check up soon bro

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In a normal person weightlloss occurs due to any abnormality in health if its continuous

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I have trouble with this as well. Sometimes food just doesn’t sound good and forcing yourself to eat is easier said than done.
The way I go about it is 1. Drink plenty of water, forcing yourself to eat is hard but forcing yourself to have a glass of water is easier and just as or even more important. Stay hidrated, it helps.
2. Try to excersize, using any energy in a healthy way will increase your appetite and help you want to eat more
3. Meditate, I don’t know why it helps, but it does.

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So i need to see a doctor

But what about the disinterest in every single thing?

How old are you right now?

Okey i will try this
Meditation i already do but i will try to improve it also

I am gain weight . Since I started Masturbation .

When I was a porn addict my weight losed from 50 kg to 40 kg.

When I become a Fapping addict my weight increased from 40 to 75 kg.

Currently iam 17 years old

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