Any solution to this

I have completed 4 days on my nofap journey . But since past 2 weeks I’m eating a lot of my favourite food , as a result my weight has increased by 3 kilos ( i have put on total 10 kgs in lockdown) , I was slim trim before lockdown .
In whole day I’m eating or doing my work . Coz of this I have become fat , feel little pain in stomach ,feel heavy all the time …I just can’t control myself
when I see food . Most of the time I’m eating and watching TV OR YOUTUBE. This is the first time happening like this to me …Why its happening like this???

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Brother, I am not suitable to answer this question, but still you can fix your eating schedule. And avoid lying down in the bed bro !
Because eating and sleeping puts on weight. People who sit in their shops have their belly out they just eat and sit at their shops.
I would recommend you to do exercise which you are already doing.
Also, You can add some lemon tea, I don’t know the exact name. But it is good for losing weights.
Hope this helps.
Though I am a skinny guys but I have seen many people who were trying this so that’s all I have to say bro !
Best of luck

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That’s why avoiding urges is not about fighting pmo, but more about building new version of yourself. Create healthy diet and work out :wink:

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Answer to both, this is how it works
If you eat more calories than you burn in a day, you will gain weight.
If you eat less calories than you burn in a day, you will lose weight.

Put simply
@Dean_Ambrose workout more and eat less
@rewire_user workout more, but eat much more


I think my worst mistake is that I always eat after my 1 hour workout , instead of that I should drink lemon tea or hot water

It doesn’t really matter honestly, it’s about how much you eat in a day and not when you actually eat them. But if you want to boost your metabolism and burn more calories than usual, drink black coffee before workout. It will give you more energy and you’ll burn more calories during the workout. Plus change lemon tea to green tea. This is because green tea helps you to maintain a high metabolic state and also you will be avoiding sugar this way which is good for your health