Any other teens in here?

Sharing code - e46caa

Age - 16
Gender - M

Yo, any other teens out there need some help? Relapsed on 28 days and now on 17 day streak going to the famous 90 and beyond. Anyone can add me just leave your code and I’ll add. If you’re a teen do say so :slight_smile: and be careful!


Hi man my code is 798fe5, it’s very good to start this early i’m 25 years old and i can tell you porn is one of the worst things that happened to me, you are making the right choice and you shouldn’t take it as a simple matter, fight against it as hard as you can, fix this addiction early in your life it will only bring pain in the future.


Thanks alot for the advice. I have added you and I’m not taking this simply. As soon as I relapsed I got right back into it. I’ve even encouraged friends deeper in it to resist. We’re in this together.

Hey man ! I’m 17 right now. And I’m happy to have you onboard. Best of luck ! My code is 37a716.

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Hey dude! I’m 17 and would love to have someone close to my age doing the same thing. I’ll do my best to be careful and go forever! I added so here’s my code if you want to add me back :slight_smile:

code: 6e9349

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I’m 17. 74149c is my code.

Best of luck to you guys also! Added you all. We got this.

Already added you.

352703, lets do this guys! I just turned 18 three days ago, ready to twist life around

16 here, my code is 025e587cfdce6461a

Hey I’m 17. Let’s do this together :muscle::muscle:
Add me: c4dd5c

Sharing code : b2071c

15 days here, keep strong buddy!!

Hey, I’m 17
Code: 568970

I’ve just turned 17 by a few weeks! Stay strong, 12 days for me

My code: 3bfba1

Hello, i’m 17. Stay strong and do your best
16 days here

My sharing Code : 7c54a0

Added you both! I saw your status @AndrewXD and yes it is difficult when most of your friends do it but yes it is OUR benefit. Glad to have you guys.

I’m 16
Here’s my code:73bf81
Let’s do this together!

Hello. I’m 17 and on day 17 right now. Best of luck to all of you!
Here’s my code: cf164f

Hey :wave: I’m 15 it’s good to see other teens here my code is 83aee5

I am happy asf to see young dudes fight pmo :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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