Any one think they can handle 14 days of no fap add me and let's do this

Hi am looking for a companion here is my code am sitting small goals for now anyone think they can handle 14 days add me up. 302cdf


I’m on Day1

Hopefully this will help perform better in the Gym.
Let’s do this.

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Thanks for the encouragement whats ur code lemme add u

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I stared today I am new

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I am with you and everyone that started this “challenge”. I like your philosophy made by small breaks. One million of euros is made of cents.
My code is 9ac87d

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Nice let’s do this :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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8c4147 is my code

Currently on day 2.
May the strongest win.

Let me know if you added me

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7608ab is the code


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Btw I can see your status and timer.

Day 17 here. Add me brothers. Ill be adding you.

Let’s do this!!! Ad me if your objective is to become a hero!!! a271ff

Nice luke we can do this I won’t let u down and so should u​:sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I tried adding you but your code didn’t work

Thanks I was having some issues on my app but it’s good now let’s do this :sunglasses::sunglasses: 14 days

Bro… let’s do this together… I added you. My code: 2d2faf day 0

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