Any one know where is jonsnow?

Hello guys , there was an account here for someone called jonsnow he used to give advices and write posts , I’ve tried to search for his name but i can’t find him .
Does anyone knows where is he or where I can find his articles ?


He left the forum recently


Here’s link to his blog, if you click on pencil(edited) button in this post you will find links to some of his other topics which are locked now.

And I also remember him saying that he’s leaving the forum, it was around the time when he reached around 300+ days.


Damn bruh. So good to see you back here. How have you been doing?

I am also good.

Yeah yeah I understand, good going
How’s your preparation going?

Same here

Not that good. Made 100+ streaks twice but still I need to work on this aspect.



I had been preparing for a post engineering exam in India based on which Public sector and government organisations call for job interviews. I got a good rank in that exam this year after almost 3 years of preparation now I am appearing in interviews already gave one on 1st, next is on 18th, Hope I get selected soon.
Which job have you been preparing for?

Yeah that’s what happened with me both times. Thanks for your word.

Oh that’s nice. You are also from India then?

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OH I just saw andhra pradesh in your profile. For some reason I thought you were a foreigner. That’s why I didn’t mention the exam, the exam I mentioned is GATE exam.

Thanks and same to you bro. Hope you get that job soon.

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