Any Muslims who want to fight this battle together?

Are there any Muslims using this forum, would like to connect with people who follow the Islamic faith. I know this habit is extremely taboo for us, but if you’re born in our generation, the age of information and high speed internet and an addictive personality like I have you’ve probably gotten caught in this web of evil at a young age as I have. But I do believe we can conquer this, God says in the Holy Quran لا نكلف نفس الا وسعها " We do burden a soul with greater that it can bear" So this test is extremely difficult but know that it can be overcome. Connect with me and we will encourage one another to beat this together! My sharing code ed649aa


Add me as companion.I don’t know how to add, I’m a Muslim.

Add me bro 2b6e and yes I am a Muslim too

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Copy my sharing code go to home, my companions, add companion. I’m not too sure how this app works aswell

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Tried adding you it says it’s incompatible

5ed594 my name is Abdullah … add me bro

Your sharing code is invalid !

My sharing code ed649aa

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Im muslim but dont know about this cause its like l dont feel it a sin. Not in my heart but in my act.

My code: 8bedba

2b6eb1 this is my code try again

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