Any good advice?


I’m just wondering if and one has any good advice on getting through the first few days on nofap as they are the hardest to overcome for me. Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you

  1. Don’t edge, its not the M and O, but the P which is the most dangerous thing.

  2. Set some tangible goals and go all in to achieve them. (This will keep your mind away from those thoughts)

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Be aware that it’s going to feel like it’s fucking impossible. Minutes will feel like hours and you will feel weak but the difference this time is that you won’t give in. Once you get a few of those days where it feels impossible but you still push through under yout belt it will be easier. But don’t get too cocky after the first few days. You may grow stronger but it may take years to completely rewire yourself so you will still have those triggers they will just be weaker. Be cautious after the first few days. I know you can do it.

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Make a Bet with some companion like a one on one competition like i had made. It helped me in my initial days.
Update your days daily there and motivate each other.

One thing more keep away from any Erotica specialy on TV and smartphones.

  1. Get rid of social media
  2. Spend less time on Mobile device, computers whatever you used to watch porn
  3. Exercise
  4. Keep yourself busy

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