Any females here?

Hey, I know that nofap is largely consisted of guys. I was curious to know if there any girls out there who also do no Fap. I believe it would be beneficial if I hear a females views on no Fap, why she is doing it and her story. I hope by doing this it opens new reasons to stop watching porn and gives me a greater understanding of this addiction in general, with importance placed on females, their views on porn, the negative implications it had on them and how both males and females can help each other overcome this addiction. If you are a girl please leave below whatever you want to share and your code if you wish to do so. For now stay strong everyone!


There are females (as far as I’ve read) in this community.

We regularly see posts like yours in this forum. I can’t help but think that the intention behind is… weird. Look at this addiction this way: we get hooked because of the novelty, the large body parts, the “fantasies” with certain porn “stars” and all that is portrayed that goes beyond what’s actually happening in real life. For women it’s the same, no different than for you or me. We are all human being exposed to a new digital drug. Ever wondered what’s different for women or men when they get hooked on heroin? No? Well, because you know the answer.

That said, I wonder why guys ask for girls’ stories. In other forums, when a girl posts, a bunch of guys in the nofap forum message her immediately and boundaries are crossed. I wonder if this somehow relates to mental edging behavior… :thinking: (edit: in case the irony got lost over the broad internet… the answer is yes, it does, most of the time, and guys seeking recovery should stop doing that.)

Either way, if you are interested in publications of true stories, you can also check this site:

All anonymous and published with those peoples’ consent.


Hahaha haha. I can definitely see why you think this. Maybe on a level, I am unintentionally edging. Ever since I was young, my parents hated when I would talk to girls. So through out my high school life (I’m in final year now) I never talked to any girls as I thought “what’s the point, I am not allowed to spend time with them outside of school anyway”. Due to this I now have an inability to connect with women or a lot of men in general. That is why lately I have been trying to learn how to connect with women and how to learn to respect them more. My whole child life I had never noticed girls, my teenage life I only saw women as 3d sex objects. But I am trying my best to change that and see them as more, so I promise I was only trying to improve my views toward women. I understand that this may be “simp” or “beta” behaviour but it’s just a step that I have to take in ordee to improve myself. But I definitely see why you think this hahahaha ha.

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I am new here, but have been dealing with my addiction for some years. -i started maybe 2 weeks ago to encounter setbacks and triggers again. Females often read ponogaphy instead of viewing it.

This last 6 months I started drinking, and when the cashier commented on the amount of vodka I was buying, I stopped before it got serious. Simply put, I changed the bottle with porn, so here I am again. First time it took me 7 months to get to a point where I didn’t have to avoid triggers.

This time I hope it will be a lot shorter. As a female I often find myself hideing a little behind the steriotype about “only men watches porn”

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I am new here just found this forum and just starting my journey. But i started writing my story in diary section called my story journey into my mind. I am doing no flab for faith reasons and self easteem.

Faith is very important, to me to. Try doing one new thing for your self esteem every day. Keep going!

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So you read like erotica but don’t watch porn. That is interesting that you have the same effects then. Also try your best not to have vice, let’s all try to replace our vice with a good habit such as going to the gym or giving people genuine compliments. :+1:

I have done both but now I’m at point it’s overcome my brain so much that i can just replay in my mind what iv seen or read like I’m actually doing it all over again which is hard when temptations triggers are everywhere i look. I am having troubles finding a new habit but keep trying new thing’s because i know boredom is one of my biggest triggers. Thank you i do also love reading them as well as lots of bible verses i use them to redirect my thinking and my wandering eyes

I’m a newbie, nice to see a post like this. :blush:
This is my code: sev3i3
Have a nice day!

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I’m not rewired yet, I have to say that thinking about this topic + girls triggers me. Sorry girls if you feel offended, but I must avoid you (what a strange sittuation) not to relapse. I hope one day this situation changes.

About what a brother said some posts up… So about girls and relationships, guys ussually tend to get really interested on women. This is nature, but try to control yourselves and not to be that Mr nice guys. Girls arent here to chill out and chat, they want to improve as all we are doing.

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You can try treating us as sisters, but it’s up to you. I think about this community as a kind of family.
Stay strong, brother.


We all are a nice big family. The problem is inside me, not outside. Trust me, I’m trying to fix it. But I’ll need time. Stay strong!