Any Female rebooter here

I need a companion who can help me ,female companion will be great .

Hey, any active female rebooter here,i read a post which was pinned and for female rebooters , I think I will share about my problems with her ,you know girly things , I will be much more comfortable with her . And also my besties please tell me do you feel safe here ?


It will be hard to find female but no worry All the best sis

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Hi. I am female you can add me :slight_smile: xvk187 this is my code.


sis @Dari can help you.she is active.

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Thanks @anon6586404 and @You.Know.Me :blush:

Hello @aayushee and @sakshii .

Actually I don’t know but I wasn’t able to post anything ,and i was busy in completing my assignments.

My English is bad .


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