Any else feel really sick after relapsing?

After I’ve relapsed for the first time in a while I always feel really sick the next couple of days. Any reason for this?


Yes, sometimes after relapsing you’ll find yourself knackered and drained physically also you’ll have a migraine. It’s because you had an extra energy (sexual energy) and mastrubation releases this energy plus an additional portion because mastrubation isn’t a normal way to release the extra sexual energy that the body has. When comparing this to wet Dreams, a wet dream is a normal way to release this extra energy and you have no intervention in releasing this energy so only the sexual energy gets out of the body. That’s why your energy regenerates faster after a wet dream than a relapse.


All I can really think of is it’s an overstimulus. You were used to this base level of dopamine then all of us sudden boom you shoot it up past what it can handle. Kinda like when you eat a lot of sweets. Your body craves sweets but too much will make you sick because it’s too much of that “good thing”.


OMG yes. I felt like stomach sick all morning after a relapse. Glad others are same. Was like wtf at first

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Are you thinking that Relapse is going to make you healthy !

The word 《 Relapse 》 meaning is Lapse in health … or … sickness.

Wake Up Bro…