Any dads out there?

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Age - 30
Gender - M
Location - NL

Why I want a companion -
After fighting this battle for almost 9 years (of which I was clean for 4 years), I desparate need some help. I have three little kids and a very loving girlfriend who I already lost one time due to this terrible addiction. I really want someone to talk to when I’m having urges… It would be amazing if someone is in sort of the same place as I am…

Communication preferably via discord or any other messaging service since I won’t be able to call…
Thanks in advance!

Hi, you could add me as a companion. I’m not a dad but I sorta had to act like one for my three siblings. I’m 29 this year.

Nice. Let’s do this. Where are you in your journey? Want to add on discord to talk a little bit easier?

Good stuff! So I struggled a lot with M since age 14 years, and I was exposed to P at age 15. Went downhill from there, my grad essay suffered a lot and varsity took 2 years longer than supposed to, mostly because of PMO. I’ve always tried to stop bit it was mostly half-heartedly. Then 2 years back or so I met the woman of my dreams, and ever since then it’s been a bear of a fight to get free. So yup, right now I’m on day 25, from watching P whenever I got the chance a year back and M multiple times a day. I don’t think about PMO anymore like I used to, like it’s not the obsession it used to be.

That’s sounds like a good idea! I opened a profile, can you send me an invite? Will be good to hear your story.

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