Any competitive exam aspirants addicted and need to repair your life?

Any one who wants to restore your life leave some messenge you want to share …

Sharing code : wl3ug3

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Which competitive exam are we talking about?

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What exams r u preparing for?

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It can be any … …

Ok so whats your plan??

Tell me wat ideas in your mind and we can discuss

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Yea we should start focus on our goals. Unless we devoted to that goal we cant achieve anything. I have wasted a lot time without any consiousness. Add me as your companion we must stop relapsing entirely from now onwards. We should focus on our bright future.
We need to be motivated all the time . Im gonna take a challenge from today for 1 year nofap. I really wish to achieve to get good rank in my competitive examination. but im distracted. Imma good student but due to this covid curfew im into int this hell

Where are you from and what you are preparing for?

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