Any Christians?

Anybody who prays to saints that have been sculpted is called worship. And that my friend is idol worship. That’s why i don’t belong to any denomination because you follow the word of God and you will open your eyes.


So in other words you don’t believe in the word of God? Please explain.

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Amen! :pray:

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If a Catholic wants to call themselves a Christian they should be able to do so. I call myself a Christian because I want to. We are all on our own journeys. Scripture says we should work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, not other people’s salvation.

Hi, I’m a Christian, disciple in our church. I suffer this temptation since Highschool. I am 21 years old now but still I keep praying to God to overcome this temptation. Please encourage me and follow me. Let’s help each other by God’s Grace we can overcome this. GOD BLESS.

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everthing will be fine brother.


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I believe in Christ and Christ alone. I believe that He an innocent sinless man died on the cross for our sins and was raised to life by His Father, the One and Only God. Amen.

I don’t want to trample on other people’s beliefs but I have to say this.
Idol worship is wrong. Praying to saints, mary, or even to the supposed PHOTO of christ is wrong.
Please read 1 Corinthians chapter 3 and 4.
Worshipping the sculptures even if it’s Jesus’ is wrong. Thats idol worship. You should only pray or communicate with God and Christ. Not with the saints or mary. Its okay to have them as a role model. But nothing more.
I have had no one to teach me. The only ‘knowledge’ I have is from reading the new testament; 9-12 chapters almost every day for 8+ years. I’m still young. I am not as wise as you people are. But this is what I could infer from my reading.

(I do not belong to any denomination. In fact, legally I’m not even a Christian. I’m not baptized. No one knows I’m a Christian, not even my parents. I have never been inside a church even though I have studied 11+ years on Catholic convent school.)

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. My love to all of you in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Hello how are you guys?

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I’m a Christian but I don’t have anything to do with churchianity.

Hey bro, how are you doing in your journey?
I’m not doing too bad

Im too. I learn to limit my time comsumption on any devices that usually bring me to fall. How are you?

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