Any Christians?


What is your streak?


53 days. Whats yours? How are you doing?


30 days pretty fine but started to work. It is my second day at work. Pretty tired if I am going to be honest( and male btw don’t confuse me by my pic)


Congratulations on the job! It’s a good thing for a person to work hard and be planned. What do you do?


First I learn to use programs. After learning it I’ll do real job. I am 8 years younger than u. I am glad that I came across this journey in my young ages.


I like that you are really supportive and curious


I’m glad too! Props to you:)
And do you mean that you’re planning to become a programmer? Like with coding? (Wow, I sound like a noob. Please pardon my ignorance.)


It is like business communication management. Now I am learning Microsoft programs. Right now it is Excel then it would be Word, then SharePoint, then PBI. But I have huge interest towards literature and prehistorical events. That is how I am overcoming my urges. What about u?


Also a big fan of literature and ancient history


Glad to know). Can u recommend me any historical book?


In the Bible, Joshia is probably my favorite. Outside of the Bible, Martyr’s Mirror is very informative.


Also a Christian but struggling


Hello! I am Christian too and i am struggling to fight this addiction. Is anyone available to talk to me when i have urges? My code is vny4le


Sharing code - 826714
Current streak- 0 days.
Longest streak- 22 days.
Location- :us:
I was not using biblical ways to defeat porn these following months. I relied on my own strength and faith. I think this is a big error on my part.
I have to have faith in God like I used to. Because I lost it.
My walk with God along time ago kept me on track and away from PMO for 2 months.
Now I am just hopeless.
I am thinking of changing by fasting for a day and reading the bible and worshipping the almighty to give me power to defeat this strong powerful Addiction. As the bible says never lose faith in the word. It’s food for the spirit.


We can overcome together if you want with God’s strategy.


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