Any Christians?

What’s your code buddy?

Add me too. Christian here.
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Christian brother here! Add me: a9bda8

Let’s fight the good fight together!

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God bless!!!


I love Christ!
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No. I do this on my own. I only answered because someone asked. There’s no WE in this. There’s only a pathetic I.

If you do it alone, you are sure to fail. God meant us to be a church and a body of believers standing together. Don’t isolate. We can do this together.


Yeah, I’m sure God wanted us to all commune and work together and, sure conquer, impossible ends. But here’s the thing, I’m always going to fail no matter what. And if I’m going to be “pessimistic” as people think I am, I’d rather decompose alone than act a toxic device that just makes everyone else feel miserable in this journey. You and no one else is going to want me. I can assure you that. You will be uncomfortable with me and in the end you will hate me.

Is it hard to believe that I’m still a Christian now?

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Do you really believe those lies? Read what the bible says about you. That is the truth, whatever man says about you or whatever you say about yourself isn’t.


How can you say you’re going to fail no matter What? Yes, your flesh can fail, but with God all things are possible. Does your family know? Friends? Church leaders? They can all help you. Imagine, you’re being tempted, you go to your room, and your family knocks on the door telling you to stop. Awkward? Sure ok, but you will stop. You need genuine people that will actively help you stop without judging you. I opened up about my addiction in church, the youth pastor said " everyone be mature, be strong. It’s not easy. But God is calling you out, he says you can change. And there’s not just one, but more than 10 of you. You know who you are, don’t lose this blessing. Yes it’s exposure, but it’s not for shame, it’s for God’s glory. If you’re stuck on pornography, God is saying, it’s now or never" and boom. I went. The first one, so ashamed, all my friends, all my family, all my siblings,everyone saw. But after the shame, and the guilt, and the prayer, I felt relieved. Now nothing can hold me back. I’ll tell everyone I can about it, why? So they can help me, and so I can be a testimony. I am 23 years old. I am part of my church’s media team. But since middle school, I’ve been struggling and no one knew. But now. Everyone knows. So now What? The enemy has no more power! My past is not my testimony. And an army is helping me stay forward. And after I passed, so many more youth went to the altar. Even people from my family. Even friends from my church. So you know what, now we have accountability partners. We all know our past, we are all exposed, but we are also all free! A cord of three strands is not easily broken. God calls the courageous and violent who take the kingdom by force. Expose yourself! Once you expose your darkness to someone who can help, you let the light shine through!


You are a true Christian! God bless you brother. Let’s do this.

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That maybe true for you, friend. But not for me. I’m not strong and I’m not enduring as many of you would think I am. I know I’m a failure and will always fail. I have not seen one slight of improvement in my life. To be honest, I feel like God has cursed me, which is why I’m suffering. So please, don’t try to act as if I can change or everything will be better for me. Because I haven’t seen any sign on me that.

I’m not in The Bible and believe me, if I was in the Bible, it would barely mention me. You may call them lies, but you don’t me know me enough to what I am talking about. All I know is that I’m a failure and is be a burden for everyone else in here. Like I said, I don’t work with anyone but myself. This is my struggle, and I sure as hell am not going to drag anyone else down with me.

Ok then answer me this, do you attend a church? Do you attend a youth group? Do you know anyone who has already defeated that? Have you told them?


I’ll answer in order: when I’m not sleeping in, yes; I used to but not anymore; defeated what, exactly; And told who, what?

Anyone who has defeated the porn temptation. My youth pastor was the one who called us up, and he went through it for years! But he’s also now been free for years! So if you do know anyone like that, have you told them?

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No, I don’t know anyone like that, because honestly, I don’t care. God gave people the right to live however they want to live, albeit, it’s inadvisable to live a life of vice. I digress: regardless of people being in the temptation or not, it’s not my problem. I have my own battles to fight and my own demons to kill. Slowly. I’m not concerned with anyone else struggling with it. In fact, I’d say I have friends that may watch porn, but are not addicted to it. Again, that’s they’re own life. Not mine. In fact, when I told them that I was going on this futile challenge, they thought I was either crazy, exagerating, or taking things too seriously. I didn’t care what they said, because I was hoping I would change. Here I am 25 days later of this challenge and still no change. And no, I don’t know anyone who has defeated that temptation nor do I care to meet anyone who defeated this temptation. And even if I did, I’d tell him nothing. Because, you know what, God bless him he’s a better person than I am who can discipline himself, withstand solitude, and even stay happy being single. Completely unlike me, with the problems that I have. So no, I have not met anyone like that, nor do I care to meet anyone like that.

Interesting, what is your name? Can You let my youth group pray for you? Message me if you can, idk how to use this app much


Save the prayers from someone who actually needs it. Don’t waste it on a hollow man like me, who squabbles, cries, and rots. Leave it to someone whose actually in pain. Not me. And yes I’m on this app enough. Perhaps too much.

Okay i see you are stuck in the cycle of self-loathing which comes with deep depression. I know it’s hard man, but you need to trust in the Lord. Trust me, I know you don’t know me but I am a man who is looking out for your well being and loves you. A brother of yours in Christ, and i can tell you that Christ has helped me with every single problem i’ve had. From being in that self-loathing cycle to heart break to rejection to anxiety, money, self-worth, depression, whatever you can think of. He’s freed me, and he can free you. You just got to cry out to him. Trust in him. God bless.


So tell me, why are you here?
Why did you find the app and join us if you were just going to fail?
What is the point? Just don’t bother counting the days since you relapsed, don’t bother reaching out to people who understand the struggle you’re going through.
Because you know you want to stop and something in you says you can and that you can’t do it alone.
Because you see some worth in you, and some chance of success.
Because you need help with this.

You may think you’re worthless, incomplete and this is just more evidence of how you feel, but you know what? you’re wrong, you’re not worthless. You may deny you’re in pain, but you know you are, you wouldn’t have reached out if you thought how you’re feeling is ok, or right, because you want to change, you want to, but again, that you can’t do it alone.

God doesn’t curse people, he doesn’t, he loves you, he loves you enough that he chose to save you, to call you his own, to call you his child, he adopted you into sonship, that you are an heir of God and co-heirs with Christ.

I know you’re bitter and angry and hurting, it comes across in everything you say, but God wouldn’t bring you to this point if he couldn’t bring you through it.

You are not alone in this, you will never be alone in this, because everyday I personally will pray for you because you are not a waste, you were born and you’re alive right now. Christ died for you, God chose you as his own, that means you’re worth something.

you know when you take a step on a path, that everyday you take a step, you don’t think a step is that far, but then. 30 steps down the path, 60 steps down the path, you don’t recognise just how far you’ve come because it was only ever 1 step at a time.

Oh and in regards to you being in the bible, yeah you are, whether you’re jew or gentile, slave or free, you may not be in there by name, but the you’re in there, you think porn addiction didn’t happen in the bible? yeah it did. remember King David and Bethsheba, how he watched her and lusted after her, how is that any different? Men having concubines and numerous wives?

Remember Christ faced every temptation and resisted, he is our forerunner, he is the one we follow and one day, he will see us through, because he promised he would.