Any Christians?


I am a christian as well, I have been struggling for sometime in my own and accountability is where I’m really going to find success


Did you guys know that christians are more prompt to consider that they fap too much than atheists or people from other religions?


Btw for your information fasting doesn’t reduce your sexual desire in fact it will increase it as you will be more weak, feel more pain, which will make you less resistant to urges. If you still decide to fast, PLEASE do it safely, if you feel weak eat IMMEDIATELY something caloric and most important NEVER DO WATER FAST IT’S DANGEROUS. Fasting is a great way to have a better spiritual life but it must be done carefuly and be controlled. There are so much accidents that could be avoided so don’t be too extreme please.
Anyway, it’s just my opinion up there.
Good luck in NoFap everyone


Alright. I’ve ridden the merry-go-ound of misery since I was twelve and know that eradication without serious help or practical deviation is extraordinarily difficult and have no intention of continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting that this time it’ll change; that is the literal definition of insanity. Rather, I’m about to try something I hate: scheduling a designated fap. No images or anything, just something that will give my over saturated 19 year old brain a discharge opportunity in an attempt to increase the spread between my relapses. Currently, a relapse average of two days. Unacceptable. I know it’s shady and controversial, but if I can slowly stretch that gap I’ll be better off than where Im at now. Next Friday. That’s the goal. It’s achievable. Eventually, if this works, I will be free. Help me God.


Hey Pierrethomas18,

In the age of google, you would know that most people do there homework before taking a fast. Did you know Jesus and moses and many others ( including my pastor) have taken 30 to 40 day water fast. You will not die during the time period. Fasting during the first 10 days is obviously going to make you feel weak but after that it becomes much easier. if you feel weak then its a normal symptom of not eating but you will not die. Lets not scare anyone who might be considering a water fast into thinking they can do it because our creator says we can. Yes it is known to kill all sexual appetite during your fast. Yes it will return back to you after you start eating but if you want to quit during that time period its almost impossible to fap during that time.


Onward Christian soldiers! Please add me! xffdzk


Im catholic and looking for brotherhood to beat this addiction.


@PatrickJ Hey dude, here’s my sharing code 098993a
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I find both apps helpful for different reasons!


Thanks. Im new. How do you use sharing codes?


If you swip to “my companions” a blue circle should appear at bottom of the screen, all the controls are in there.


Christian here Add me 8qvzps :smile:


Yeah I’m a christian also


Hey brothers! God bless you all! I am from Venezuela. I’m christian too. I Think we can overcome this struggle only through the power of God’s grace for us.

I would like to meet new friends that can motivate me to continue going forward.

My sharing code: veml8k

God bless you all!


Sure I’m christian… We can share each other… i also struggle the same issue with u my share code 9qqp0z


Of course. I want to walk in purity for the love of Him who wants me to love Him with all my heart. He expects nothing less.

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Add me. Im catholic. 86bvk4


Hey…It’s…awkward for me to do this but I am Christian and Christ has been working with me but… I feel like I fall short in a lot of areas. I really need help…not being afraid.


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I am a Christian. I am married with two little boys. I’m 23 yrs old and have been struggling with this for the past 2 years. I obviously struggled before that. But i recommitted my life to Christ when I was 17 and then the devil got a grip on me with my old sin about two years ago. I need a good counselor and someone to help me fight this


Hey guys so i was an old member here and i stopped posting. Anyways ive been ok, nofap hasnt gotten better infact its gone the opposite way. I want to ask one thing, please. If you can please pray for me. It would really mean a lot to me. Ive fallen off of being a true christian, i dont know god anymore. I just need him again. Please. :confused: Love and may God bless you for helping a backslider:(