Any Christians?


Hey, I’m a Christian too.
I have been struggeling with this addiction for a long time now but I don’t to waste my life anymore.
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Yo, everyone I’m a Christian used to think I was all alone in this fight, as a Christian I mean.

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I’m a Christian and 4 days beyond what I hope to be the last time I engage in PMO. The past days so far have not been so easy but some how I’m still going. I know it seems like such a short time but I’ve got my eyes on so much more. The idea of an accountability partner or partners is great especially in faith. Feel free to add me up guys: 5ed4b52

Also, I noticed a lot of people on the thread identifying as Christians or “a rather sorry excuse of one”. I think that’s part of the problem. If there’s a problem with how you see you self even in this mess - especially in this mess, you may never come out of it. Your status as Christ’s isn’t defined by anything you do just as your status as a sinner previously wasn’t defined by what you did but by your nature.
You are a Christian and you’ve been made righteous before God. You are God’s workmanship, preordained for good works. You’ve got what it takes to live beyond your best life. It’s all in you. But you’ve only got to grow into it. A mango tree that is yet bring forth fruit isn’t any less a mango tree than the one with fruits.
So first identify yourself aright. You’re not a sorry excuse of a Christian. You believe in the salvation of Christ, you’ve got hope. So keep it going guys


I completely agree brother. We are God’s workmanship. I’ve been struggling in this area for a long time but I know the chains are broken and I’m determined to kick lithe habit once and for all. I’ve added you. You should add me too. Let’s do this.


Add me as well, I’ve added you. We’ve all got to stick together and build each other up.


Hey guys I am Christian too. We should make a whatsapp group


I usually prefer telegram. That way new users can also benefit from older posts


Sure. I’ll add you now


I would describe myself as a progressing Christian.


+522299024252 add me plz dude


What’s your sharing code?


Believer here as well… Add me if you want: 580e45c


Hey guys c:
It makes me so happy to see so many Christians in here fighting to overcome sin and get closer to God…
I’ve been a Christian since I was born basically, but when I met the person who is now my boyfriend, I started hearing him talk about his faith and God and decided that was the life I wanted for me. I am now attending youth group and it has helped me a lot.

I decided to do this out of love for God, for my boyfriend and for myself…
I know that in him i have the strenght to overcome this.
I will be praying for you all c:

I would love to chat with any of you :smiley:
Im an 18-year-old female
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Add me!


This is amazing, @caritogap.
It makes me happy. Your boyfriend looks a very nice boy.
Have you told him how he did you well? I think he should know that, it will make him happy.


Yeah he knows about it…
I’ve been oretty hinest with him about all of this…
And i know it makes him really hapoy, and we encourage eachother to keep getting better
He is an amazing person and I love him very much


Soo good!
This is like a christian relationship must be. :blush:


We are not perfect… We struggle a lot with some stuff, we sin, even if we don’t want to…
But we are fighting hard to get better and to keep God at the center of our relationship…
I’ve been his girlfriend for little time, just a couple of months, but I see things in him that make me think: This is the man I want to spend my life with


So beautiful.
I hope you keep fighting. The victory is coming!


I just came back from youth group where i was with him and his family (i love all of them so much) I feel so at home there, and I adore being there with him by my side so much… It gives me the strength to fight even harder c:


@caritogap that is great that you and your boyfriend are on the same page and you’re so wanting to change for both he and God. Me and my girlfriend have both struggled in this area and it has only been within the last year or so that we have both really began to open up to each other about how deep it actually is. I’m to the point where I know I’m unwilling to enter a marriage with this addiction and I want to experience what a life truly devoted to God looks like- without the enemy’s chains wrapped around me. You should add me d377d3. Keep fighting! This is so worth it.