Any Christian's? 2021!

I’ve recently been working hard by myself with God’s help to overcome this addiction. I’ve realized, sometimes people (the right ones) really do make a difference. We help each other through ups and downs. That’s what this forum is about.
I’m wondering if there are any Christians here who would like to share there story and get to know each other and help overcome this addiction together, as family.
Please comment your name and a bit about yourself. An introduction. Does not matter what gender, but if you are a beginning NoFap member.
I strongly encourage you to message on here. NOT DMS. If you’re on here for the wrong reasons please do not interrupt this forum.
Thank you, and may God bless all of you.


:sweat_smile: don’t we already have an ‘Any Christians’ thread?

Well that is inactive l. And it was 2020 thread. Just wanted to start another :joy:

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