Any Advice For Young NoFappers?

Hello to everyone of the NoFap community and I am a 14 year old who is struggling with porn addiction and I was wondering if anyone has any tips or any advice to help me out on this. Unfortunately I am really struggling on this journey since most of my streaks are 1-4 days and I can’t go a single day without having the urge and fail to conquer it. But anyways thanks for reading this post and have a great day.


there is only one advice ,do it as soon as possible .because youre in a safe zone and the most important thing is that if you relapse again nd again ,then it ll become very difficult to rise again and complete nofap,so do it quickly


That’s nice, I have 14 years too. I started to do nofap when I was 12, and my highest streak was 43 days.I rarely watch p***, but it’s difficult to me to reach just 10 days.Anyway I still going, every time I relapse, I return with new plans to not fall again for the same reason.
I’m a brazilian, next month I’ll be making 15 years.


For this you should take small targets first like 7 days, and then without relapsing try to switch that to 7 more days, keep postponing your relapse session…
Also there is a lot of stuff plans, diaries, success stories etc which motivate you.
Keep going


My advice would be to really pinpoint your triggers, make a plan, and focus on the things you should be focused on in life. For you that’s probably school and your relationships.

• Find what triggers you to want to pmo as soon as possible and avoid them. For example: you may be triggered by some social media. I would try to avoid it as much as possible and make that a conscious effort.
• Make a plan you will follow each time you have an urge, and a plan to follow daily that’ll keep you on the right track. For example: write down every reason you want to quit; write down a method of dealing with urges (a good way is by closing your eyes, breathing, and being mindful that you control your body, it doesn’t control you.) And if you’re spiritual praying also when an urge comes really helps.
• And focus daily on what you need to be doing instead of being overly fixated on this nofap thing.

Hope it can help you somehow buddy. Good luck and God bless.