Any advice for me

I seriously need it. I need to find a way to get back to having long lasting streaks without relapsing. This is becoming an epidemic for me. Relapsing after not PMOing for a long time, I get an headache. I think my body is slowing not getting use to fapping anymore. Haven’t lost my benefits. Now when I relapse, I am more self aware what I do wrong. The more you ruminate on your relapse, the higher chance of relapsing again.

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Divert your sexual energy . I mean if you can’t exersise at that time just play your home theater and start dancing I use this method to divert this bad habit

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Top tip:

Don’t give up.

Seriously, keep trying. The more you try, the better you will get. And yea, I know it doesn’t feel like it at the moment, but it will get easier eventually. You’ll see.

Other tips:

Look after yourself, both mentally and physically

Exercise, eat well, get lots of sleep, meditate.

Try to live as good a life as you can, as much of the time as you can.

Put as much energy as you can into doing things you enjoy. Lots of hobbies, lots of play time, lots of socialising. Try to do little things that make you a better person and your community a better place to live. Smile at strangers. Say good morning to people you meet. Pick up litter. These acts will all make you feel better as a person, and you won’t have as many of those negative feelings that lead to porn.

Every time you notice a sexual thought, acknowledge it, stop engaging with it, and let it pass.

This is easier if you’re experienced at meditating, but it honestly does work, with practice. I doubt you ever start masturbating the very second you have a sexual thought or fantasy. These things take a while to worm their way into your brain. So shut them down straight away, and go back to your day.


I notice that despite my relapses, I not ruminating on them as much anymore. I realized if I do, I fall again. I still have my confidence, cool headed, and feeling great as of late. NoFap really works like magic.


I know what yiu mean I just relapsed myself after having a nearly 2 week streak longest I’ve ever had but the thing I’m worried about now is the chaser effect. It’s gonna come for me and come in force so I must prepare to endure it.

One thing I did find helpful and should’ve done but didnt is watch a video on hiw Koreans prepare a penis fish. It’s disgusting and painful

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