Anxious about decreased libido & erection

I have been doing sort of my moderate constraint for 1-1.5 months. I let it be like 7-8 days relapse cycles and of course zero porn.

Good thing is that I can sleep less, I have more psychological energy and I started to get more interest from girls. Also, at this point I realized I stopped thinking about porn every day and I feel that my porn addiction is fading away. I am satisfied with all that and the with the exact way I do it.

But there is one thing (or actually two) that makes me anxious.

  1. I’ve noticed my libido has now decreased. And it has become harder to maintain an erection. I stopped having a boner in the morning for a while. I don’t like it.
    Yes, I realize my brain was used to vulgar porn to become horny and now there are no such triggers. But anyway, I am not sure whether it should be like that. I don’t know whether it’s a sign that I should increase my relapse period to 10-14 days now. What is more, I have a shift in my self-perception. Now I completely ignore the first two days after relapse. I don’t feel any urge at all and forget about it. Day 3-5 now feel like days 1-2 before. Days 5-8 now feel like days 3-4 before. Maybe it’s okay… BUT:

  2. I’ve met a girl, she sends me nudes and feels attracted. (Of course, not only, but also due to my nofap). So, we are about to have sex in a while. And according to my self-perception shift I am not sure I am cool to have multiple ejaculations in a row. What if I just don’t have enough drive after the first one?


  1. Is it fine?
  2. What can you recommend?

Please don’t hesitate to give your opinion. Anything is very welcome. Looking forward to getting your thoughts.

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  1. It’s is not fine, it depends on the reason why are you doing this? If you are doing no fap for sex then do it you are getting it but in my opinion don’t do it try to be better and then do it when you marry her.
  2. I would recommend you to say to stop sending her nudes otherwise both your relationship will take an ugly turn and eventually you will get depressed a lose your dignity as well.

Thanks for the response. Sorry but I don’t consider having sex only after marriage a good idea. Neither does she.

So giving you an update.

It happened. My erection and libido were cool. I could reach it just holding her hand and playing with her fingers. Now I know that those issues have been the way my brain adapted to no-porn. I am moving from strong triggers to softer ones and that’s how it looks like.

Another good thing is that I tried watching porn a couple of times recently… and I didn’t feel any urge anymore. It was dull and annoying. My porn and fap addiction has suffered a massive damage and I am about to bring it to the end ice cold flint.

Bro it’s your choice I understand, but try to understand that sex is not just pleasure it’s a connection between your partner and you.

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You are absolutely right, man.
And i can say meaning every single word that I’ve never had a connection this deep to a woman before. Which works for her about me as well. I am not emotional and my mind is clear about what I am saying. This is the way two persons have met each other in the right time of ones’ lives. So be sure it’s not just sex at all. I am grateful for your striving for giving me a good advice.

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Thank for your appreciation man

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