Anxiety and irritable

today i have had high anxiety, headache and i has been irritable, felling lonelynes ,body was asking me sex and i dennied it, is my day 8, symptom of slice adicction? Anyone have it?


Yea. Got that as well. The craving to go back is always there. But the fight and progress itself is what will shape us. In order to achieve something you never had, you have to be someone who you’ve never been.Not a psychologist, but putting the tension elsewhere might temporarily ease your mind. The most important : Relax, don’t take it too hard. Let it ride. If u need to talk to somebody, I am available, and pretty sure others are as well.

Cheers mate.

Thx serenity :slight_smile:

Yeah man, sounds familiar. Not sure if it’s directly related to porn craving though. This could be the case, but I’ve felt my “senses increase” while on nofap.

I put that between quotation marks because my senses haven’t really increased: it’s just that I’m more aware of them. Maybe you’ve been feeling anxious for a while but you’ve never really payed attention to it until now, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

When you start denying your porn-cravings, feelings you’ve been suppressing for a while can come up. Just let them come and accept them as they are; I think it’s part of your recovery process.

Best of luck!


Yes its very common in 2nd week.

is normal that yesterday morning i was full of enormus amount of energy, in the evening it was down and today morning i fell no energy, like someone steal me all. Are normal that high and downs not only in the animous also in the energy? i had big breakfast and only want to stay in bed.

In the first 2 weeks yes there can be a lot more extreme fluctuations in energy levels as your body is regulating itself. @Ari81

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ok i was started to be demotibated, sad abot all this, like feeling all this is ussles. when it will start to stabilize?

Probably after 1 month.

I will hold, thanks for support guys

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Your most welcome brother.

Well definitely wait out until after 2 weeks because your testosterone begins to level out after 2 weeks so you should see improvements then.

Got it. Thx 20characters