Another failed story

Failed again after 4 days.
Tried but not enough.
When real test came, i failed.


You are the master. If you are not, be the master.

Go for the journey. All the best❤️



In my last topic, i had relapsed after 11 days and when i allowed the sexual beast to seek what it wants, it was very hungry, it was like on some fast for 11 days & yesterday it made a great feast :grin: 4 orgasms in just few hours in the evening. Many videos watched.
Yes, should i lament over my loss of streak ? Why ?
The mind said, Look !! Again you failed. You are failing for 14 years.
And the mind, the servent thinks that the master is very weak and No No !!
Here comes the Master, again.
I picked myself up from where i falled back. An extreme workout done with high level intensity. All energy spent on the workout.
(2 Rounds of Hiit for legs & cardio)
And Yes !! I AM BACK.

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Hindu Pushups 5 sets
Total = 57

I am determined to change for good.



RajYog meditation done at night before sleep & at time of waking up.
What is RajYog meditation ?
Raj means Ruler. Yog means Connection. Hence it is like the Ruler of the body is taking a meeting of his servants ( mind, brain ) so that the kingdom is happy.
In this; what we do is simply find answers to our problems by using our brain.
And, the answer is very simple and i found my answer. We leave what is not in our control.

Motivated my mind in the morning to go outside and walk around the house. The mind was afraid and it tried to run here & there like a little kid but i gave it power & motivation and i connected my body with the decision along with mind and kept telling it that i am strong, i can do it. Lets face it. Let it happen whatever happens. :blush:
( I successfuly completed 1 Round of Walking ) this way. :v:

Set of excercises done on pull up bar 》
Normal grip = 4
Wide grip = 4
Close grip = 4
Too Close grip = 4

:black_small_square: Chinups
Normal = 5
Too close = 4

:black_small_square:Armups = 4

My wife is supporting me and encouraging me. Soon, i will meet her and i will complete my promise of becoming a better person, a ideal husband & a loving father & protector of my family.


Today, in morning there were sex thoughts, past sex memories with my wife. Pre-cum came. In past 3 days there were small instances when there were auto suggestions by mind to watch hot videos.

Today going outside for walking was easy. 1 Round outside house done.

Today, i was surprised that i sat down for meditation and i was able to sit for few minutes without moving. Tomorrow again i will try it for 5 minutes.

2 Rounds of HiiT workout done.

Sexual Energy has come back or formed.
Today i had Urges.
I won and like a good master made my mind understand that what is better for me.

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