Anime and noFap are compatible

Watching anime while doing the transcendental challenge is not such a crazy idea. Even anime can be used as a powerful resource because of the positive effects it produces in the mind, here are ten reasons highly-satisfied-life.html

Of course this, as in any other matter, in this issue other reasons arise that have served to give negative connotations to the anime, and one of them would be the erotic element. Let’s be clear: ecchi, hentai, even pantsu … these contents are destructive and harmful to the faptronauts. But do not worry, there is actually a method to find safe animes. We will have to access aniDB, a database that in my opinion is more detailed than myanimelist since in this one we can exclude specific details (ntsw content) …

For that we must access the advanced search of aniDB

Then we must specify the Tags that are last of the options and exclude elements such as nudity and sex. And ready … there are thousands of healthy and positive animes, each with a teaching or a good time to give us. Animes like FMA for giving an example …

I hope to contribute to ending the mistaken idea that anime and manga are negative in this journey. I personally accompany it with meditation and exercise.