Angry girlfriends anybody


I have been very strong not looking at porn but I have an angry girlfriend and when I feel distance with her I tend to go to porn and every time I do I feel so sick and it’s like my inner soul has died it’s that bad that I cannot look at myself in the mirror.
It take’s me about two days to recover.
Then I’m back to normal again and not addic.
I know women are angry and I do love my gf but how as a guy deal with it,
Just needing advice and support sharing code


I feel your pain, if only girls understood how fragile our ego can really be.


Bro, it is on you, with all respect. Your GF may be angry, but in the end, all you can control is your response to it. To hell with it; you can handle a relationship, you can handle NoFap. Its just another test of NoFap. Bet yo ass she will be blown away after 90 days. Angry at you, and yet you decide to handle it and porn addiction like a mature man!? Thats some bro stuff right there.

When you wanna go to porn to release, just remember the woman you gave your heart to. And how amazed she will be when she is with someone who beat porn, the 1%.


@Wannabeliberated Can I assume that you’re single?


Yep. Lol. Maybe one day for me…


@Wannabeliberated Need to say that I originally misread your comment. I meant my reply as a way of saying “You’re single and obviously have no idea what you’re talking about” and I apologize for that.

I have been away from my wife for four months now, will be seeing her again in 3 weeks, and almost 30 days since porn. So altogether my emotions and reactions are all over the place. I apologize for being needlessly harsh.

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Read “What Women Want when they Test Men.” Thank me later.


Ah yeah, i think i read a book about that. Yeah, Boi, the sexual psychology of men and women is interesting, yeah?

But thank you for the reference, man. All the best with your life and journey!



Nah its all good. I do agree; i aint got no real knowledge of relationships. Closet i ever got was with a woman who i was FWB for a bit and wanted more, till i fucked that all up. I could only imagine how shitty it is when you lose a girlfriend/wife. Still, i appreciate the understanding, bro. Wishing you all the best with your journey.