An interesting thing to know!

Hi guys
Today i tried something i thougt doesn’t work but actually it does and thats adding your self as a companion.
Just paste your sharing code in add companions section🙃
You can also add me as your companion too my sharing code is 1861da
My current streak is 16
also if you want to make your streak longer you can join in our telegram group:


The best companion you have is always yourself :slight_smile:


I am agree dear admin
if we can beat the human we were yesterday then we will grove!

Clever tip! I’m gonna try it :smiley:

How can I join the telegram group

In order to join our telegram group you need to have telegram messenger app installed on your device
You can find that on playstore.
After installing that just click on the link

I did it gives error

Can you mention what time of error you recive?

Now no error
I did join the group now

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it gives this error

Copy the link and open it with google chrome browser.