An important note about HARD MODE vs. EASY MODE

any on here have claimed that they have accomplished this on hard mode (ie not having any girlfriend or any other way to release sexual tension). More often than not, however, people report resorting to real sex or a real relationship at some point (ie EASY MODE). I’m here to tell you there is a huge difference between what you will learn if you complete the journey on hard mode versus completing the journey on easy mode. If you can successfully complete the journey on easy mode you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. If you’re debating between the two, I would tell you to pick HARD MODE and stick with it (this is for the tough guys) but there is also no shame in resorting to EASY MODE

You looks like a beginner in this game. Edging one day or one week will ultimately leads to orgasm. Edging will make you a little bitch in this game of lions.

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Let me know when you acomplish one year on nofap
And then we can talk about, read my previous post on nofap.

Good point. I will talk to you in 2019 then.

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Yes! Thats the way bro !
We are here to support each other…
Just keep going i support you ! :wink: