An Eye Opener and realization towards Eternal pleasure(A must read)

Let me start in a way to tell that most of us are here because we felt that something in life would be worth achieving by prohibiting this activity called masturbation. Now, on the daily basis that people are telling that it is healthy ,if we just ejaculate or by any means take this fluid(semen) out of the body but trust me I have done a lot of research, reading our ancient literature, it was just opposite as we see today. It was stated that it is spiritual to contain the fluid(semen) within the body itself. Even the Bhagavad Gita mentions this fact. You can read it on Chapter 6 Verse 14 or I will attach the link (Link). We can just think how much capabilities it can have that it can procreate!

It took me years to realize that the way we see this world in all the forms either living or non living is changing day by day with rapid rate. It is good that technology is developing but at the basis level we see that children at a young age are very much affected and exposed with adult content. The crime rates are increasing for harassment and many other things.

As it has passed 5000 years of kaliyug and 4 lakhs years are still to come so will be the religious and moral duties of the human will fall and be doomed at the end. That is why the God Vishnu will come as an avatar for the establishment of Dharma. If you believe in soul and super soul, the soul is indestructible even after our death and would finally be merged with super soul(Krishna) to attain salvation. So our course of action would be towards achieving towards eternal pleasure and not temporary pleasure.

At last I would only share what can be done to preserve this fluid inside our body. The only way through my vision is through getting involved and interested in some spiritual thinking like how much old this universe is, facts about multiverse. Trust me it will blow your mind if anyone get a hold of it. Buy the book Bhagavad Gita and explore it. See YouTube channels and listen podcasts which promotes spiritual thinking and ancient history. It is not easy I know but if I can you can too.

Just let me know in the comments what is your mindset about this whole theory.
Have a nice day.


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