An advertisement from Xvideos. Are they trying to tell us something?

This image hits me hard. All I can say is when I was in middle school, I looked alive and sharp. Like I remember how my skin was toned and brown and my eyes just looked sharp as heck. To be honest, I would consider myself an 8 at the time. But anyways… years passed and I’ve abused this addiction a lot and for so long, and if I had a picture of myself in middle school to my current 25 year self, you would think how the heck did I let myself go? I was never addicted to any drugs, I would work out, rarely ate junk food, always drunk water as a kid until today. And yet idk how I became unhealthy and looked unhealthy. But I guess it’s because I would reportedly drain my energy by fapping until I was 22 years old and been off and on with nofap ever since.

Lastly, I’ve heard multiple stories about how people look drained and that once they abstain, they physically start changing little by little. Me, I was a serious case, so I gotta be patient and hopefully these flatlines end and I heal for the most part.


I have to flag this post as inappropriate as it has explicit words and image that can trigger members of rewirecompanion. Please consider deleting this post or try to remove explicit words


Wow @Amitroghates easy on the guy bro :joy:
He’s not used to this forum so don’t just give it straight to him.

Don’t get me wrong, what you said was correct but new ones might think of it a bit shocking and it will make them feel shy and they will leave this forum. It’s quite important to learn how to interact with new or irregular Members.

For an example:

Hi :wave: @name good to know you’re sharing your feelings to us, I hope you will find what you’re looking for in this community.
But unfortunately, I have to flag this post as Inappropriate due to the triggering image you posted. Please delete this image, other members might get urges because of it, this is a respected community after all where we treat each other with respect


Good luck on achieving your goals :four_leaf_clover:


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