Amitro: I am winning and will win in January

I am not that disciplined. But I can train myself to be disciplined. I tried nofap for first time in 1.1.2018. It lasts for 66 days. From then I am failing. No matter what it is, one relapse is leading me to another. That I have learnt throughout in those years. It was 1.1.2018, I just got up at 4.00 AM sharp. I told myself , its time to stop all these things and start a new journey. In 2018, nofap helped me pass B.Ed Entrance test.

In 2019 New year I could only stop that for 2 week.

In 2020 New Year, I did not try nofap , year was good and It was a successful year. So I did less fapping…

In 2021, February I succeeded to complete only 1 week, in May I did it only 11 days. In August its only 15 days and in december again 1 week.

Dont ask me anything about 2022, I was heavily addicted to P in 2022 April.

Now its 2023…

Loneliness is the main reason of pmo and pmo is the main reason of loneliness in my life.

Now its time to stop all these again :rage::rage::rage::angry::angry::angry::angry:

Hoping for your advice

@Binocular ( Previously Surbatingsi )




Good to know you are ready to make a new start. The best thing to do now is self-affirmation. Look at your goal. Hold it like a sword and be ready. Give it all you got!! Have you ever used 100% of your potential? It is time.
Start. Make a plan. Write a letter to your future self and remind him that no matter how much your brain tries to justify it, relapsing is never the right choice. Make sacrifices this year. Goo outdoors!! Cause indoors brings boredom and loneliness. And they bring you urges. And urges make you lose hope and forget about the reason you want NOFAP and the feeling after relapsing. Which lead to a relapse.


I am thinking of doing that. It actually seema to be a good idea.
I have tried a similar think before that time I Wrote my goals and reasons for doing no fap and looked at that page at the time of urges.


Day 1

Fri, 30 Dec

all started today

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Day 2

Sat, 31 Dec

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Day 3

Sunday , 1st January

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It’s January 12 Today

I thought I will start again and will write and maintain journal everyday.