Amigo's Journey

Hi amigos, inspired from @Prox journal , i’m thinking
Of starting my own journal of no fap.
Today is day 0.
Day 0

Tasks Status
Wokeup early :x:
Workout :x:
Meditation :x:
Sem4 study :x:
Sem5 study :white_check_mark:
Reading :white_check_mark:
Series :white_check_mark: 3 episodes

best of luck in your journey of nofap :+1:


Day 1

Tasks Status
Wokeup early :white_check_mark: 5.30 a.m
Watched football match :white_check_mark:
workout :white_check_mark: 30 minutes
Meditation :x: yet to start
Sem4 study :white_check_mark: 30 minutes only
Sem5 study :x:
Series :x:
Reading :white_check_mark:

Day 2

Tasks Status
Wokeup early :x: 8:00
Workout :x:
Meditation :x:
Sem 4 study :white_check_mark:
Sem 5 study :x:
Series :white_check_mark: 1ep
Reading :x:

Day 3----->Day 0
Going through instagram , some models got me triggered and I have to restart it again😐 I want to get rid of this addiction somehow so Iam going to unfollow each and every one of them🙂.


After this I relapsed again today . I realised that my phone usage is very higher than others . It makes me feel tired and exhausted. I played many games as it was my duty to complete the tasks. Now I deleted all the games except pes my favorite game :soccer:(But I will track my time using it).

I had decided to restart my diary writing.

After all I belong to a poor family and a small house.
I had to work hard to build a new house , my father have no money to rebuild this house.

I was lazy or Iam lazy till now😬.
Previously I have always planned to wake up at 6:00 or 7:00 but I won’t and my procrastination ruins the whole day . From tomorrow I will wake up at 6:00 even if there is rain or not. Do workout and (meditation - only if there is a pleasant enivornment , mine probably hard my grandmother is very annoying personality , she woke up earlier 5:30 and just annoys without no reason , its ok no problem just becoz of her age)

So lets see tomorrow.


Ok I decided to start a new account by the name amigo . becoz I dont want my actual name to be seen by my near ones so I am deleting this account to start a new one.