Amer's journey to fredoom

Hello my name is amer a nofaper since 2019 and hell were the last two years terrible becouse of this damn addiction i decided to write this diary to help all the fellow nofappers and tell u the story from beggining to the end

Chapter 1:the beggining

Like all nofappers i had to get addicted somehow but it wasnt that i was a naughty boy but my friends from school and i were having a topic about porn and they told me : ,bruh how the hell can u say u never tried porn" i replied : , well i had a bad look of it now that i actually heard about it ill give it a try" so that day i waited till night till my parents had to go to a dinner with the neighbours so i can try porn i tried it i didnt enjoy it a lot but the forbidden fruit efect hit me so for 2 weeks i was tryng to get hooked fortunately it didnt work
So i got boored of it . Few weeks later friends told me of masturbutation i never knew about it before that i masturbutated sadly i enjoyed it then i had the worst decision of my life i tought what if i combine those two? And so from then i was heavly adicted fapping 4 times a day in the bathroom because that was the only place i had the privacy after a longer fapping period i goigled is it unallowed to fap in my religion and it said yes. I was really sad and depressed mad at myself so i tried to firce myself to stop but no no no i reached 2 weeks untill i was no longer able to hold myself so i relapsed.

1.1 Social problems

As all might expect i had problems in social life i have become worse in school i kept my grades but i got a bit worse i had broke the ties with thise friends cuz they ruined my life and i had a bit of a dirty look at women
The real deal was that i was deeply ashame but i wasnt able to do anything

  1. The great nofap war

After the year of 2019 i decided to get a bit more serious i started counting streaks and as a form of being busy i decided playing a lot on discord and made about 15 online friends which i still play with ocassionaly the deal was that i wasnt able to reach a single day without pmo until i started using the busy method what that means is basicly do something all the time and i have reached 7 days but then the stalemate kicked in i wasnt able to push further neither was i able to go lower which created a tug of war in my head
But after a long suffer i was pushing the enemy lines and was sure id have the last dance

  1. The rise

During july of 2020 i was still in a stalemate but the light came Among Us skyrocked i played the game since 2019 and was able to enjoy it a lot i spent hours and hours on it and with that i was flanking and anahilating the pmo and the urges without hreaking a sweat and then after a long time i finall achived the biggest milestone in this journey the golden 3 weeksif i can say those were best 3 weeks in my life i was so free and innocent i was claiming victory and as i was thinking i have beaten porn once and for all

  1. The fall

After i reached 22 days i had large urges which sabotaged me into relapsing by the time i was not using this app so i decided to use it it helped me maintain atleast 1 week streak but the real issue was that i was too confident untill i relapsed my willpower rumbled and atleast i kept a stalemate but then november came as i call it the hell of my existance i got worried after relapsing a lot i decided to use all of my mental and physical strenght to break the stalemate and maybe overrun the enemy but i was able to reach 10 days which was good but then…

4.1 the collapse

After reaching 10 days i tought i can keep it up but i was not able to do so i was going downhill to being able to survive max 2 days i was finding excuses and tryng to make up for myself and my failure but it got worse i started having more social issues and my confidence collapsed until i decided just to give up…

  1. The light on the end of a road

After a longer fapping period i decided to try one last time with this app but suddenly i heard from a user ,there is a book called easypeasy it helped me a lot maybe it can help you" those words were too true i started reading i suffered from fear but i knew i had to keep going i even deleted this app so i have no distractions and then the golden 2021 was just when i finished the book i felt confidence i kicked all interest in streaks and once again god save the easy peasy book im free
I didnt feel urges i didnt need willpower ut seemed too easy to be true but oh boy it wasnt just true it was perfect for a collapsed nofapper it rose me from the ashes and now here i am redownloading this app to give advice to nofapers that struggle like i did i hope u get some help out of my journey gl nofapers


What’s your current streak?

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18 days but i barely have urges i feel free

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