Ambitious One's diary - The Beginning

ok nice but

I would be happy if I were with a girl :new_moon_with_face:


You have your hand thats enough
Apna hath jaganath

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@The_Ambitious_One has now a 186 days streak he is now a Nofap Legend

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And who are you? What makes u here?

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I’m nobody, just a sad soul searching for greatness and Ultimate Power. But I always open my heart to accept that there is hope behind the darkness.


I am the warrior who is Consistent and disciplined, I chose Nofap to achieve Ultimate Consistency and Power. I met awesome friends on this forum who supported me and Now, I want what’s beyond the Power, beyond what everyone could ever think:

Ultimate Life

My name is Sabeur Khalid, nice meet you @Joosh


That’s what we are here to escape from .

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Hands are not evil, don’t blame your hands, it’s the owner who should be blamed.
Hands are a gift from god and it’s the on the owner to make good use of them or not.

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Thanks :sweat_smile:
But I feel I am not complete yet , disciplines are what I need to achieve next . Laziness and emptiness has got me nowadays .

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True that


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Alright is it me or did you put too much space between phrases?


What ?

I didn’t do anything different .

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I go it , you must be talking about the enter space right ?
I just clicked enter two times :joy:


But it still looks the same

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Oh never mind it was the weak internet connection

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Oh Ok :muscle::joy::fire:
So my internet connection is fine

Okk :moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai:

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Rewire Companion System: Finally a worthy opponent! Our battle will be Legendary :fire:

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No more excuses :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

I have done pretty well on nofap but I need to work on disciplines urgently . These 7 days were waste , ever since after the mid terms , I have changed both positively and negatively (more negatively) . I learnt things but I perceived it wrongly , this is not what I should be doing . The more I let myself into comfort , more I fall deep into procastination . I must maintain a daily discipline journal . I experienced a lot of bad things in past days , from letting myself down , not working on goals and disciplines , letting bad thoughts in and kind of peeking .
But I don’t care what happens to me now , I took months to realize that you can’t just wait for yourself to come in best form , you just need to keep going , working hard and caring about nothing else .
This ain’t the first time I am saying this but sometime or other I need to take action .

I feel sad and broken rn , but I need to get back .
I am not paying attention to how bad my mind is now :triumph:



yk what it feels too much messy at this point
let’s start fresh with a new diary .

I am transferring this post and making a new one for discipline journal


I will no more post in this diary but it will be here as a proof of the long journey

My new diary : [15 M] Aadi's Daily Journal - Time To Change

See ya all there :))

@debellator you can consider closing this one