Am saying this! i will not fap for atleast 30 days. need a partner!

I am very motivated to do this. I have been trying to follow no fap for the last one year but I have always fall onto my urges . But this is it! YAA THIS IS IT! I will not Fap for atleast 30 days.

Sharing code - zscjf3

Current streak - 4 days
Highest streak - 15 days
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion - So this is the best shot I will ever have. I am very motivated , I have a exam to attempt and for that I want to be in my best shape so this is my last chance and now am really focusing upon my self development. I need a companion to increases the chances of successfully continuing no fap and also to motivate the other person as well in his/her journey.


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