Am i wrong for thinking like this?

why did i take this challenge? it was not self discipline or anything. i just hate women, i hate that I’m attracted to them, i really wish that i was gay. Guys are more understanding, they don’t play mind games, they would know exactly what i want since we are of the same gender. They are just more fun, ive had more fun with guys than any girl ive met in my life. But no matter what i do, i just don’t get turned on by men, i tried putting stuff up my butt and i didn’t feel anything, i tried fapping to gay porn, nothing. I always end up fapping to women. I hate it, and i hate myself for fapping to them. It’s like my brain is saying being gay is awesome and you should try but body saying no. I’m born straight. I hate it, why am i not gay? I hate women but why am i sexually attracted to them?:sob:

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You are sexually attracted to women because you are straight. And you cannot just change your sexual identity on demand because you like hanging out with guys more.

Don’t hate all women because you’ve made some bad experiences with some of them. Of course you have more fun with men than with women and think they’re less manipulative and don’t play mind games. That’s because they are your buddies. But men play mind games and behave like assholes around women, too. Look at the Pick Up community for example. Their tactic is based on manipulation and mind games.

I don’t know how old you are. If you are younger than it might just be an age thing. Younger girls are just immature often (and boys are as well). That will change when they are older. There are cool women and nasty women and there are cool men and nasty men.

Keep having fun with other guys and hang out with your buddies. It’s normal that you have more in common with them than with most of the women in your life. But don’t hate women because you haven’t met the right one yet. Perhaps they play mind games with you because they can sense your attitude around women. Give people a chance, men and women.


“sense your attitude around women”
Yeah, maybe, I grew up with a manipulative mother. But I don’t really show an attitude towards women, I just don’t like treating them like they are special snowflakes. They’re just not special in my opinion

Dude I agree with the first half that I hate women and that I’m attracted to then BUT only during initial nofap stage. I believe you’ve had pretty bad past with women, well I’ve had some cases with manipulative bitches too, but only until you find that true partner of your life, who will fulfill the void in your heart and so do you in hers, you would feel complete and not desire homo or anything else.

On the flip side if you think being a homo, you wouldn’t have to deal with a toxic relationship, then my friend, you’re wrong. Toxicness in a relationship depends on the person not gender.

Are you having trouble finding women ?

Then just don’t treat them like that, they are humans only right, the only difference is that they come with a vagina and we are with undesirable Dick. And if they act all the princesses kinda shit, then understand, thanks to all the perverted single dudes on social media and day to day life who praised them to get into her pants. She’s too immature and high on fake social media likes, let her enter the real world, when she faces the demons of the real life she would eventually understand whom are the right one and whomst aren’t. If this is the kinda women you’re dealing with, just walk away.

Let me know, are you having hard time finding women ?

Hard time finding women? Not really. I just don’t like women, I’m just sexual attracted to them. I grew up with a manipulative mother and an entitled sister. There was this one girl that I was in a relationship, I really trusted her, I loved her, I was crazy about her. and eventually she broke my heart too. That was the last girl i felt a non sexual attraction towards a women. I’ve met many girls along the way and to me, they’re boring, even though they are uptight and act like they’re made out of gold. Idk, I hate it, I hate being attracted to them.

Its surely not fault of girls. It’s your brain faults. Your brain has tremendous power and now its against you. Meditate often.
Try 150 day no fap challenge . Dont say you can’t do it or you’re weak. If you want to change your situation try 150 day no fap.
Your life is 100% your responsibility.