Am I the only one who disagrees with this whole charade of love is dead and everyone is bad?

Continuing the discussion from Attraction but it’s not nofap:

Split the topic since the discussion was going long. And @Nep1234id said the discussion on that post wasn’t useful to the original thread creator.

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Nice doing @sakshi11

Yeah I agree. But I guess the attraction between men and women are too strong. If the culture or society allows it most people are not strong enough to control it. If someone gets a chance generally I have seen people take it. Refusing a female requires strong character and willpower



True. Bollywood and movies strongly effect this

Ha ha. :sweat_smile:. don’t say such things feminists will get you :laughing:

Well, not all boys. But many do watch… But yeah girls like more dramas :innocent:

Yes good going Sakshi. Yes typical Bollywood movies are unrealistic. That’s not how relationship/love works in real life.


lol okay
I guess we can also discuss about this

You’re a techie right?

Bro I have some other works going on. Moved to a new city Berlin. Also have exams in few weeks. Won’t be able to involve into discussions which require deep thinking. I will ping you later. Yes I am a techie.

@anon65589122 One simple thing: Notice who you’re talking too

Nearly everyone on this forum is a single/young/mostly animistic philosophy following guy, who has limited interaction with girls and thinks being an alpha male and rejecting girls left and right will work like in movies. The others are a minority, and that’s besides mentioning the fact that everyone is rewiring from the bad effects of PMO. So can you tell me what you think the majority outlook will be?

Just because many you talk to believe something doesn’t make it the general consensus, maybe you’re just talking to the wrong people…

(Oh yeah also I don’t believe that love is dead- kinda impossible. There are a large number of women with low morals now, but that doesn’t mean good people don’t exist. One of my closest friends ever (probably my best friend) is a girl from Germany and she doesn’t have lose morals or anything. Depends on who you meet I guess)


I totally agree with you. I am not saying it’s completely dead. That’s why divorce rate is 50 % not 100 %. So, yeah there always will be true love, genuine relationship. Just because majority lean to one side doesn’t mean there is no one the other side. My main point was to talk about the overall society. There always will be. There is no negativity in my post.

Also I think it’s better to have discussion with you when you actually have a girlfriend or get married. Right now most of the discussion is based on what you read or heard.

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You hear that @Ash_Matt . Get a girlfriend fast and join the club. We’ll hold off the discussion till you get the girl


Interesting :joy: but I’m in no hurry, I have my whole life to chose a life partner.

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True. Actually I do have a girl I really like and who likes me back, but we’ve agreed not to date till later. It’s kinda absurd to date at teenage, I would like to wait till I’m prepared to be married.



I think you are underestimating ash, he is a total ladies’ guy.

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Yes seems so. I think he is.

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