Am i repressing?

Is my day 10 almost 11, i suffer estress, are i repressing myself? Is hard to beat that. Have to say that is my first atempt and i am in a round thinking no come back, my goal is Brahmacharya. Free myself from sexual forces, and push that energy to the high and inside where i can find the real happynes and freedom, but is geting hard, o strugling with sensation of repressing and doubt, maybe i push to hard? Maybe i should find eventual sex? Im in doubt

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If brahmacharya is your goal, then meet a Guru, brother.

Why? There is no gure here

Dont run away from your feelings. Let them come and watch them from a third person prespective without acting upon them.

Enjoy the feeling without fighting them.

You do not have to stroke your dick to feel them. Stroking your dick only facilitates the energy to move out of the body downwards but if you meditate in that moment the energy will rise up and blossom a flower in your Crown Chakra ( Your Head )

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