Am I on here for the right reason?

I’m on here because I have ED and trying to reset my dopamine levels. Fully nude women in real life and vanilla sex do not keep me hard anymore.

Any input from anyone on a similar journey would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m doing it for the same reason, I think I have what they call PIED. From my own experience abstinence does help me be more attracted to vanilla sex, though I haven’t had the opportunity to hook up ina while as I’ve been avoiding people since the pandemic started.

I’m not in it for the ‘superpowers’ or anything, I just want to get back to a state where I can have vanilla sex without PIED. The full abstinence does help with rewiring though so I’m sticking to the app. Happy to hear your story too


Yup. Exactly.
You get desenitised to dopamine from excessive porn use. You’re in the right place.
I can’t speak for sex or ED, but I know that my quality of life has much improved in all asepects since I began nofap.


Thanks for the responses. I think the conditions of the pandemic have dragged me into a darker spot of ED.

Earlier this year (January), I cut out porn as an experiment even though I had no issues with bedroom performance. I did this for about three weeks and my regular partner at the time had noticed I was significantly harder.

Fast forward to present. I have had much fewer engagements with others, so you would think I would be excited to have any type intamacy. Wrong! It has to be some rough kinky stuff to even get me started and it takes a sprint to keep me hard.

I want to get it back to where just exploring a woman’s body gets me excited.

Im here for the same reason. Its not easy, but togheter we gonna win


Buddy … To confirm whether it is pied if you have time… Go to a vacation for a week, where you can see lot of greens or blues, like some forrst camp , trek… beech or road drive… go with a group so that u don’t fall pmo… Make atleast 4 days

Install a screen time recorder app on mobile and limit your phone usage to 30 mins per day…for whole week… Ushall use phone only to call or see adress …

Then when u return home… night before bed… See ur fav porn… if you get Rock hard on…

Then it’s pied. It only a mental problem and not physical one… This was told me by a sex doctor who is doing research on pied…

I went to long drive among woods for 3 days… And it is true…


im here because i want my old, happy life back nothing more than that. i want to regain everything i have lost in last 4 years


Thank you so much for this info. I’m actually from Michigan to Florida and back to Michigan next week. I’ll definitely try this!

Imp thing use any digital screen like laptop or mobile not more than one hour… .

Visual relaxation is imp… You can read books


I would say unless you have negative motives, than you are in the right place for now. I’ve struggled with same frame of mind, however when I reflect back to a healthier time, thay helps give me perspective and helps me remember that porn addiction affects countless people in societies everywhere and some people people when exposed have a higher mountain to climb. That we have to continue climbing is imperative in my view, the other option is just become more resentful, vindictive until you blame everyone except yourself for where you are, I’m speaking for myself and in general. The great spiritual traditions of the world all focus on desire as something that, although healthy and good if directed properly. To be positively poisonous if otherwise directed, so for something as deeply strong from an evolutionary perspective as the desire to procreate which is what this is ultimately about I think to be overcome you have to decide first, is their something I won’t more and if so will it to be, some people, self included have been given the struggle with the passions, it’s up to us to direct that in a positive way. Good luck.