Am I Gay...... i dont think so

When i was in market… i was observing people… whatever human was coming … i was looking into his eyes… i was in deep love… it was beyond all things… i was not differentiating between man & women… it was pure love for humans… this is awesome… have you had such experiences in your journey ?

By the way… i am straight and i have a wife and kids.


Beautiful! And yes! :wink:

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You may be bisexual and there is no problem with that. The most important thing is that you have clarity why you love your woman and to remember that the love that you feel toward your wife is stronger than any other.


I think he’s simply making the point of Love having no boundaries.
Love is not sex, but the desire to see others happy without conditions. It’s agape, God’s love


Yes you are right!:grin: I didnt read well, I got confused by the title

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I am not gay guys… i am straight.


Thanks for liking my reply and bringing me back to this post.
I realise, recently, I’ve put so much emphasis on loving/adoring women.

But what about guys in our lives?
"I love that guy… "
“I love this about him…”
“He’s such a dude…”
“I want him to have awesome relationships”
“I love his attitude about…”

Who are the men in your life?
What do you love about them?
What do you wish for them? :+1::dove:


You are not gay, you just was free from time and thoughts, free from the self. Some religions teach that humans are good, but later in time we become evil also.