Alpha Jared's diary

Things changed during the time I was away from rewire companion, the streak of mine lasted until day 45 and relapsed, in the days that followed I had relapsed 3 times due to chaser effect, I then got back up and went 24 days during that streak I had 2 wetdreams which was the first time I had them in 18 months, I haven’t had any since then, after I relapsed on day 24, I got up made it to day 20, I had relapsed and had relapsed the next day too, after that relapse ive been doing fine, im on day 7, and im doing NNN, im going to stay committed throughout this month.


There is always a choice Sir. Feel free to follow my journey or ask questions. If confused ask questions. Your seeking wisdom not facts.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


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