Almost fall into the pit, again

Why am i keep peeking? This is insanity. The dopamine rush still running. This. Is. Bad. Send help.


I would suggest restart brother.
You won’t like it, but yes.

I was in the same position as you- 77 days streak but with pathetic peeking habit. Nothing hardcore, no fapping, nothing. Just peeking.

I reset my counter becuase that’s cheating.

It’s hard to recover, and don’t fall into chaser, but it’s worth it.

Thing is, I’m experiencing more benefits in this streak already than I did on my 77 day streak. All because I adopted a new rule:

Peeking = relapse

Not everyone has to follow this rule, but I do. Helps a lot. Already passed benefits I saw only on day 60 on previous streak. And got more new benefits.

Choice is yours brother.


I’m sorry. I just had this POCD. it’s telling me weird crap. I only once watch messed up hentai (don’t ask what is it). JUST ONCE. Now i have pocd.

Bro anime are the very big triggers
I also watch anime but ( no offence ) they contain more explicit things than real life

So first leave the anime

Look bro… POCD is a real concern for you if are tempted to search real C.Po*n.

I think your wierd fetishes is a result of desensitization. Maybe you are using po*n or hentai for a long time. Now normal does not excite you that much. So you have moved to weirder stuff to get that same dopamine rush.

People move to rape, beastiality and C porn to get that same dopamine rush. They just need Dopamine. They are prisoners of their addiction. They are not bad people only the monster inside them gets bigger and stronger.

The only way is to stop peeking, stop watching hentai and po*n and stop feeding the monster. Soon, the monster will become weak and come under your control.
Sure the moster will become a little aggressive and irritated when you dont feed it. But after sometime, it will be tamed and return to normal.

Trust me, you will not turn into a ped*phile. You will only resort to wierder and wierder fetishes if you keep peeking and watching and feeding the monster.

Dont be hard on yourself. Stop feeding the monster. And chill…

Oh yeah, i heard this “desensitization” before. I’m not really like cp. I search that messed up hentai cause i’m curious and it’s popular among the degenerate. It’s scars me. So, all of this pocd crap is not because i’m a pedo denial and it’s just fetishes and lust for more, right? If so, i must Stay away from hentai ASAP. anyway thank you for motivation bro. Love you (no homo)

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Exactly right!!!

:sweat_smile:Haha… I know :joy::joy::joy:

Man, if you want you not to spy on the opposite sex, just tell all Levushkas who you spied on what you spied on

Yes… Stay away from hentai… Also stay away from porn altogether. It only leads to the dark side. You can quit this habit. JUST MAKE A DECISION!!!

People, what to do if you, well, sort of gave up hentai and porono, but because of this my brain is looking for bypasses of this system

Giving up hentai amd porn means abstaining from high dosage of Dopamine.
Bypassing means getting that high dopamine from something else.
Get your Dopamine from fun healthy activities, socializing, exercise, meditation, a good sleep after working hard in the day. To get Dopamine from these activities, you need to rewire your brain so you adjust to normal levels.
Dont go for soft porn and peeking. Dont go for bypasses. Just go on noPMO for 90 days at least( its a start), rewire your brain, and fix your Dopamine need and life.