Almost at 1 WEEK! What I am learning

Hey Peoples!

I am one day away from a week of nofap (for the first time) and I just wanted to mention what I am learning for anyone else who is struggling:

First, try to find a different activity to do. During the times I normally might relapse, I have been exercising. I had never really liked exercising, but I found that exercising outside with things like running, squats, lifting logs or rocks, etc. feel more natural to me and is actually something I like to do now. If you never liked exercising you could try doing it in your own way. Yet you don’t have to exercise. There are so many other distracting activities you can take up. If you haven’t tried one, I urge you to try it. And if you have tried, try something again.

The other thing is: be aware of when you get urges or commonly relapse and what triggers them. When these things happen (if they are unavoidable like going to sleep or something) then make sure you are prepared, think ahead. When the urges come, be already prepared to mentally fight back those thoughts. Don’t let the evil win. You DO have that power. Harness it. Use it. Push back the urge. ← Think that to yourself as you fight them off.

Finally: You CAN do it. You may slip up (don’t we slip up at everything every once and awhile?), but you DO have the ability and the power to fight back. YOU CAN DO IT…now you need to believe that yourself…

If you read this far, I wish the best of luck to you in your journey (though, with that inner strength that I know you possess, you won’t need luck :wink: ). Don’t read this all and forget. If you can try any of this: TRY IT. This comes from experience. You can’t sit around, reading about stuff but not try anything, and expect something to change! You know that is not how things work. Just TRY: because YOU CAN DO IT!


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