All the bad shit I've done (trigger warning)

You are a pro in blocking porn. What are you doing for living?

@einar besides pornblockers what else have you tried that has worked? Maybe something you haven’t tried can help prolong relapses.
Stay strong even if you relapse. Sounds like you have a family and want to be happy with them and don’t want PMO in your life.

My girlfriend had two daughters before she met me, the oldest one (15) has autism and need special care 24 hours a day. So that is what I work with right now. Every other week she is with her father and then im just at home as a dad with the missus and our bady.
To prevent boredom (which leads to relapse) I’m currently learning to play the didgeridoo, to play the piano, I’m learning Spanish, I’m practising juggling and practising walking on a slackline. Or I’m just fooling around with the baby.
It help a lot to always have a lot of stuff to do just in case I get bored.
And having the support from this community and you my friend helps a great deal. I almost relapsed yesterday, but thanks to you all I didn’t.


Making my self busy at those times when I’m most susceptible to relapses helps. But If you have any good tips or pointers I’m happy to listen.
I love my family, and I’m sick to the bones of this addiction. I don’t want it anymore.



What are your sharing codes? I’d love to follow your journeys with me.
Mine is: 13ff8c

One thing you may be doing (like I was ) seeing a good looking girl and picturing her in one of the videos which maked me relapse . You can overcome this by looking at her and not picturing her naked body , thinking that she is a human being just like you


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I have the deep feeling that you are on the way right and you have the desire to stay on the way.


This is the most important point in the addiction recovery programm

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Hey there I know the struggle too well. Some stuff that help me was to be prapared for what’s going to happen when I hit a trigger. And also if you check out the talk on YouTube about willingness it may help with making the first week more bearable. And as for the resolution for me I found out that I couldn’t keep resolutions that were for a month or a week, sometimes even a day long but I started small. I found out I keep resolution for the next hour. I even write it down. Till this hour I will not relapse and then another one. Now I’m at a point where I can keep a day resolution so I’m going one day at a time.

You found your way. How long is your current streak?

That is really good advise, thank you.

9 days now

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9 sounds a good way forward.

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All the best man! Its perfectly ok if you feel regretful and are sad with your addiction but don’t forget that the greatest key for success is not giving up. I hope you soon win against your addiction and have a wonderful life.

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Here are some tips you can try:

  1. Try eating tryptophan rich foods like oats ,eggs , almonds, cottage cheese and peanuts.
  2. Get proper sleep. No matter what happens never compromise your sleep. Because best way to stop tension, anxiety and depression which trigger the urges is to get proper sleep.
  3. Try fasting once or twice a week. You can drink water , coffee and light calorie-free things but no solid food.
  4. Eat dopamine rich food like omega 3 rich salmon fish and dairy products.
  5. Try to have a vegan diet. This will reduce the urge.
    6.Hydrate youself. Drink lots of water.
    These are some tips that i try and it has helped me. Remember when the going gets tough , the tough must get going.
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How was your day in total?

Today has been great, the kids left early to their father so it’s only been me the baby and the missus. Had some instances where I wanted to relapse, but then I used the great tip I got from @Newknight about making small resolutions. Instead of thinking I’ll make it one month, I just thought I’ll make it 30 more minutes until Sandra (my girlfriend) comes back. And it really worked.
Oh and there was this fair kind of thing in town today, mostly for schoolkids up to 16 ish that we went to. And at times I found my self looking (oogling) at some of the girls that dressed more let’s say daring (I would never let my daughter go out dressed like that). When I caught my self doing that I started to think about what @aneeque444 wrote about picturing them as humans (That might be my daughter some years from now) instead of sex objects. And that really help to.
I’m not over my addiction, not by a long shot, but I’m slowly moving forward.


This sounds so great. It is a real step forward. And you sound more positive than the other days