All the bad shit I've done (trigger warning)

This is what excessive porn use has led to. I used to have a normal healthy view on sex, not anymore.
When I watch porn it usually starts with normal porn. But after a while that doesn’t cut it for me anymore. And I start looking for more and more extreme stuff. Women that masturbate isn’t interesting unless they use an extremely big dildo. Girl having sex is boring unless they more or less get raped. The girls I like to watch gets younger and younger.
The biggest problems are when I try to quit and the urges are worst. I have caught my self looking at my girlfriend’s daughters breasts and ass, she is just 14.
I have been watching porn while driving a car… Once even when my 2 month baby was in the car. I’ve even watched porn while I was carrying my baby daughter.
This must end, once and for all. For me and my family.


To quote Queen Elizabeth II

In place of the erased line, you can insert your condition.


Hey. I hope you are doing well as far as you can.

Did you find out what the reasons are you watch porn?

I’m quite sure it’s the dopamine rush for me. I’ve used a lot drugs when I was younger and I recognise a lot of the symptoms.
I still relapse but compared to when I started with no fap I’m doing great.
Thank you for asking.

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Hi I too pass through the same porn addiction … two or three days break and watching again …i can’t stop… just the will lower doesn’t help me…what is the solution?

Is there anything where I can help you to stay strong?

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You may talk to me and change my desires. Tnx

What are the reasons why you fail?

I’m most susceptible to relapses when there’s trouble in paradise (that is me and the missus having an argument) or I’m having a rough time at work, or anything like that. Anything that will raise my stress level.
Oh that and the first week is always really hard. Anything can trigger me then,
I see a cute girl, relapse.
I get mad at something, relapse.
I wake up in the morning, relapse.
Anything… so the first week is just willpower for me.
So I usually have two or three relapses before I make it through the week. After that it’s stressful situations as I said before or loneliness… I can not be left alone with my phone or computer. No no…

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One thing you could try is something new.
My longest streak was after New years eve. I made a new years resolution and really tried to keep it. My second longest streak was when my daughter was born.
I’ve realised that to stop making the same mistakes I’ll have to change something.
So try something new for a while. Buy a calender and a red and a green marker and put the calendar on the wall. For every day you make it use the green marker and for every day you fail use the red one and see if it helps… This way you can see your progress all the time and might have an easier time to beat this addiction


But how can we help you in specific?

Is it possible to block porn websites on your phone, tablet and computer?

Man, Gear up. You must end this porn habit, it’s now or never. I may not be able to empathize your situation but all I can say that, being an addict for a period of 12 years, it’s not just porn anymore. It becomes more violent, more lustful. We don’t get satisfied with normal porn anymore, there must be orgasm. It was like that, man it’s so wrong in so many ways. Furthermore, you have a baby. You are a father man. That’s itself mean a lot of things.

I would like to wish you all the very best on your recovery, hope you get out of this addiction soon enough.


It is a good Idea…blocking porn on Phone. I tried Many apps without success

You can try to change the settings in your router.

I don’t know how to do it

Just follow the guide to block your router. It’s free and effective.
You can also use qustodio on the phone. It’s easy to fool and doesn’t block all the pages, but together with the block on the router it might be more effective
On the computer I would recommend k9. It’s also free and actually really good.

Omg I hope you beat this addiction I can’t imagine how messed that made you feel watching that stuff while your family, daughter is that close, all the best


Thanks brother… True words that I need to hear

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Just Google your router and find thee way

I have all the pornblockers you can imagine. I have even created a mail adress for recovering the password (which I don’t know) and the deleted the mail account so I won’t be able to terive the password and access any porn…
Sadly I’m kinda tech sawy so now I am a black belt in fooling pornblockers. I know how to bypass then If really want to.
But they are a great barrier for me between relapsing and not… becourse I really have to work for it i dont relapse as often as I before