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how do i keep my mind from racing when i try to fall asleep


Pay attention to each body part sensation and relax. Start from head go to feet and then again from feet to head. Repeat it as long as you wish.


Play some meomry enhancement games…:clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:
Because meditation is impossible with a distracted mind …you can listen and feel songs.

Games and songs are possible with distracted mind.
You could also listen to stories (audio only) and build up your self good.

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Excellent idea it is actually a part of yognidra
I did it before sleeping but couldn’t do during distracted mind…

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Meditation should be done even if my mind is distracted. It make take little more effort. Like for 2-3 minutes it won’t happen. But ultimately mind will cooperate.

Also it is recommended at many places you should not look at any screen mobile/laptop 2-3 hour before sleeping.

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Ok you can try one thing

It is 4-7-6 method, first inhale and hold for 4 seconds, and then inhale and hold for 7 seconds, and last inhale and hold for 6 seconds. And repeat this for 2mins while sleeping.
I have done it for 5 days and i have increased my sleeping time from 4 hrs to 6:30 hrs meditation included

Just tell me something interesting about lord Shiva… I wanna know something knew… Lessons given by Lord Shiva… Can you? :smiley:

Ok! I will tell you how he overcome lust.

One day, Shiva the god of gods, Started a deep meditation which imbalanced the death cycle of life. And a monster named Tarakasur was killing all the innocents and injuring the god and then Indra went to meet lord vishnu and lord brahma where they told that the son of Shiva and parvati will kill tarakasur. So indra instructed the god of love and desire, Kamdev. Then he went to shiva’s place where he was in deep meditation. He hide behind the tree and shoots an arrow on shiva’s heart. As you know kamdev is responsible for lust. Shiva got angry and opens his third eye and turn him into ashes. But he also turn the desires into ashes inside his mind by using his third eye. Thats how he overcome lust and you can watch this in youtube, but my parents told me this story.

I use this whenever i feel urge. I close my eyes and kill urge like shiva.

Hope you find it lovely❤️

And note Urge was created by Kamdev.


Write it down, take a pen and paper and start writing whatever comes in your mind.

Actually if your mind is distracted you’ll surpass yog nidra and go to sleep.

That’s why if your mind is wandaring first control it by (bratsari or bhramari or simple inhale exhale…etc)
Then lie down and practice yog nidra…

Yog nidra is extremely beneficial. It has a lasting effect on the subconscious mind.
I was used to it and practiced it easily and regularly… sometimes even at afternoon but then was a gap and I didn’t practices. Now even if I try it I’m not able to perform it. I surpass the yog nidra and start sleeping without knowing that myself and wake up after hours :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Exactly brother it does. Many times I myself have controlled the brain for sleep. I give myself a particular topic to think and eradicate all the other random thoughts. Then overcome this particular thought by above mentioned yoga (some yoga just calm the mind like focus on the breath.) And finally became able to do meditation…
Although it becomes a time consuming process and (as a bigenner I used to give up and choose other ways so I advised other ways thinking for bigenners) difficult but with devotion it works.

Also if you increase the no. Of times you do meditation your mind will not fly off the tangent.
Keep going​:om::om::om::+1:

I think it is due to lot of inputs during the day.
You have to stop using your digital stuff unnecessary.
Join phone usage challenges . It will help you😊