All I can think about is SEX HOLY FREAKING CRAP! (Trigger Warning)

All I can think about is SEX!!! AAAAAAAH Its horrible!!!

Update: played mario kart with roommates and friends, helped a BUNCH.

Update: I took out the details because in hindsight I felt them unnecessary.

Aaaaaand I relapsed…

Hey dude,

Let this be a lessened learned. Firstly don’t fear the thoughts of having sex. It’s hard I know but they’re natural. Every man and woman want to have sex eventually. That’s perfectly okay. I’m sorry you relapsed. But don’t sit on the pitty pot, as my dad always told me, get up put a smile on your face; a good mood in your heart and keep on going. No one here is going to judge you. Hell I even relapsed today… I promised myself I wouldn’t that I have to before I propose to my girlfriend. Yet today I did. Still I put a smile on my face and went on with business. Just keep fighting. Let’s fight together. My sharing code is e13b3d. Add me as a companion and feel free to message me if you need help please my brother. Let’s break free together

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