All explicit memories literally Grayed and get deleted!

I once did a streak of 180+ days and broken it with own mis understanding and fear…
What happened that day?

  • I was watching some movie and it had my favourite actress in it. It did bu couldn’t trigger my Lustful imotions as i had acquired super solid self balance ( note it was self balance which i consider next level to self control ).
    I started to think that, as a married person whether i had stopped arousals!!! And was afraid with the thoughts as being married i need to satisfy my partner as per her need ( during this time period my wife was at some relatives for an occasion hence i was alone )
    This triggered me, to CHECK whether my organs and ejaculation, etc. ( You know the whole set up and the process ) still functions or not !! AND under this influence i relapsed.
    Lessons Learnt:: No matter what your Mind puts you into or makes you afraid or bends you with support of any other emotions such as depression, anxiety, happiness, extreme party mood, extreme sad mood, extream love bla bla… do not fall pray to lust demons. Recognise, stay on path.

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