Alastair's Journey To A Better Life 🌄

Day 57

Today was superb! Woke up early, got ready for the day and had a good focus while studying😄
I also went to the library and found a good book to borrow that could potentially help improve my academics. Thankfully, I had less thoughts about women today and almost no urge at all.

Goals I completed today:

  • Drink enough water :white_check_mark:

  • Practice gratefulness :white_check_mark:

  • Made an effort to get good at subjects :white_check_mark:


Hi, new here. Started Yesterday. How do we join a forum. 24 yrs old. Idk what else to put up haha.

Haha, you did join the forums, welcome brother to the forums :smile: try exploring for now and there should be tutorial at your top right corner. The forum’s a really good place, I hope you’ll get used to it soon :grinning:

How do we put that we are a member here, and track our days and stuff. Like post it here. Is someone in charge? Sorry for the barrage of questions.

You can create a post of your own, once you post some, I think you’ll become a member. There is FAQ section at the top left corner, I think it’ll answer your questions :grinning:

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Oops, ignore my last post, the FAQ section is actually next to your profile with the 3 horizontal bars, once you press that, the FAQ is below :smile:

Day 58

Today was okay, not really much happened. Woke up early, though still getting used to it and studied. Had some lewd thoughts but successfully eliminated them, it was surprisingly easier to do it compared to the first 1-3 weeks of nofap.

Day 59

My motivation nowadays seem to diminish as time goes by… Have a lot of assignments to catch up on and end of year exams are closing in. I hope I’m not hitting a flatline soon, I need all the motivation and energy I can get to go through this exam with flying colors…

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A checklist for today, even though I feel unmotivated right now, I have to work hard for my goals and dreams. Fortunately, I remember a quote that keeps me pushing forward, ever since, it’s just really hard to give up.

" Somewhere out there, someone is working harder than you "

Finally completed all my checklist for today!

As soon I had completed the checklist, I had a good 1 hour+ nap😴 Now, I’m getting ready for tommorow’s math test. Gonna do put some extra effort into math revision today and nail the test tommorow🧐